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You have to invest time and effort when choosing an ecommerce solution provider as it is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make! Read and find out how to make the right choice!

Once you have decided to create your own ecommerce store and take your business to the next level, the next step is finding the right ecommerce solutions provider or a professional web developer to help you build and launch your new store.
This article is created with one goal only – to help business owners to make more informed decisions about ecommerce software and technologies.

When setting up your new store, you need to decide and choose a software you are going to use to maintain and run your online store. There are 3 ecommerce solutions you can use: 

  1. A hosted solution – This is one of the most popular solutions as for a certain monthly fee, you can host your new online store with the assistance of a third party.
  2. Custom built software – If you are experienced enough, you can write your own ecommerce solution or hire someone to write the software for you.
  3. Licensed ecommerce software – This is the type of software you download and install directly on your web server.

Hosted Ecommerce Solution

This is without a doubt the simplest way to build and launch an online site. All you need to do is sign up with the ecommerce provider and you can leave the rest to them. By using their own software, they will host your ecommerce store on their servers. Usually, you need to pay a setup fee and then you pay monthly fees for using their services. Using hosted ecommerce solutions has its own benefits such as it is really easy to set up, there are no maintenance required, there are some many additional services such as 24/7 support, analytics, SSL certificates, CRM software, marketing tool, and much more. There are some disadvantages that come with hosted ecommerce solutions such as a few ongoing costs and lack of flexibility. You should choose this ecommerce solution if you don’t want the hassle of setting up your store and if you don’t mind paying a monthly fee. Some of the best ecommerce solutions provider on the market are GoDaddy, Hostway, Yahoo, Web.com, Shopify, and CoreCommerce. Read more on hosted ecommerce solutions, and how does it work.

Custom-Built Ecommerce Software

Another option is to write your own ecommerce software. This is known as the most costly approach and it is also a time-consuming process. You are looking at thousands of dollars in costs and hundreds of hours of time, however, it gives you ultimate flexibility. Some of the advantages of using custom-built ecommerce software are full control, easier to modify, better integration, and can look very professional. Some of the disadvantages are high maintenance, expensive, and more effort to integrate with various payment providers. If you have a bigger budget and you want to deliver the best experience for your shoppers, this solution may be perfect for you.

Licensed Ecommerce Software

If you don’t want to host your store with a hosted ecommerce solutions provider, you can buy a software which you can instantly install on your site. You will need a web hosting for launching your store online, however, you can control the software yourself. Some of the advantages of using licensed ecommerce software are more flexibility, fixed costs, less lock-in than hosted ecommerce solutions, and gives a professional look. The disadvantages of this software are can be hard to customize, technical knowledge required, and can pose a security risk. There are so many great ecommerce packages available – Magento, Zen Cart, Jshop, X-Cart, and Interspire.

Choose the right ecommerce software, pick the best ecommerce solutions provider and launch your online store now!

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